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Fallen Leaves

Fallen leaves return to their roots
- Chinese proverb

Crumble under my foot
Dried leaf, fallen to the ground.
Autumn has left you lifeless;
Brown like the bark of which you grow.
In your prime you blossomed
Bright, green – alive.
But bring new pleasure to little ones,
Crumbling and crackling under little feet.

In a place like Bangalore, it's difficult to experience that transition from Summer to Autumn - then again I guess that's how it is in most parts of India. I sometimes wish I was in a place where I could observe the changes in seasons, as the colours gradually change from green to yellow to brown - then cease to exist before it is green again.
I remember writing this one when I was in college in Goa, sitting under a tree and watching boys and girls go by jumping through the dried leaves that had fallen from that very tree that I was under. I'm not one to write about nature, but I guess there's  a first time for everything ... 

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Yknow...I kind of like the 'full circle' sorta feel that this one has! There's this bittersweetness in the fact that the leaves are past their prime and have lost life itself in that short span of time, but this promise of still bringing joy to people even when they're lifeless...I still remember how wonderful that sharp *crunch* sound of dead leaves used to feel beneath my feet (It still does!)



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